Screen SOS: Who Can Fix Computer Screens Near Me?

Screen SOS Who Can Fix Computer Screens Near Me

Screen SOS: Who Can Fix Computer Screens Near Me?

Many computer problems can be overcome. But when the screen fails, it’s an absolute disaster. This article will discuss local screen repair options, the advantages of professional repair, and what to consider when selecting a service. Read on and learn the answer to the question, “Who can fix computer screens near me?”

Local Solutions for Computer Screen Repair

You can find computer screen repair via online searches. And you also can try to solve the problem in a DIY way.

Finding Repair Services

Use search engines with queries like “who fix computer screen repair near me” to find local services. Details like names, locations, and contact information of repair shops will be listed.

Online directories such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angi (formerly Angie’s List) provide extensive information about local repair shops, including their operating hours. You can read reviews, see ratings, and even check out photos of the businesses.

Review websites like Consumer Reports, Trustpilot, and Better Business Bureau offer unbiased reviews and ratings of repair services, allowing you to make an informed decision based on previous customers’ experiences.

DIY Solutions for Minor Screen Issues

To repair minor screen issues like flickering, dead pixels, or scratches, you can try DIY methods before seeking professional help.

Flickering Display:

  • Check the cable connections between your device and the screen
  • Adjust the screen refresh rate in your device’s settings
  • Test the screen on another device to rule out hardware issues

Dead Pixels:

  • Run pixel-fixing software like JScreenFix and PixelHealer to revive dead pixels
  • Gently massage the affected area of the screen to stimulate the pixel

Backlight Issues:

  • Adjust the screen brightness settings on your device
  • Check for any loose connections or damaged cables
  • If your device has a removable battery, try restarting it after removing and reinserting the battery

Unresponsive Touchscreen:

  • Clean the screen to ensure there is no dirt or debris affecting touch sensitivity
  • Restart your device to refresh the touchscreen functionality
  • Calibrate the touchscreen in your device settings

If these steps fail, consider DIY repairs using online tutorials. Consult tech forums like r/techsupport, iFixit, or Tom’s Hardware.

However, be cautious with DIY repairs as they may void warranties, cause further damage, or pose safety risks. Only attempt such repairs if confident in the process and outcome. Otherwise, seek professional assistance or consider screen replacement.

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Benefits of Professional Screen Repair

Professional screen repair offers several benefits over DIY methods, including expert knowledge, high-quality service, and longevity of the screen.

Professionals possess specialized expertise to diagnose and fix diverse screen issues efficiently. They can handle different screen technologies and sizes and address related device problems.

High-quality service is another advantage. Repair shops use durable, compatible replacement parts and offer warranties. They provide excellent customer service, including free estimates, quick turnaround times, and flexible options such as remote assistance.

Lastly, professional repairs can extend the lifespan of your screen. They restore functionality, prevent further damage, and improve performance. This helps avoid the cost and inconvenience of replacing the device, saving you time and money in the long run.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Repair Service

When selecting a professional screen repair service, consider the following factors: reputation, cost and time efficiency, and quality versus affordability.

Reputation Is Key. Read customer reviews and check the shop’s standing online and in the community. Look for consistently positive feedback and avoid services with negative reviews or a history of complaints.

Consider the Time and Cost Involved. Compare different services to find the best value and convenience. Seek services that offer fast turnaround times and transparent pricing, avoiding those with slow service or hidden costs.

Weigh the Quality and Affordability of the Service. High-quality service and replacement parts are important, but so is affordability. Avoid services that compromise on quality or overcharge. Choose one that offers the best balance between quality and cost.


A working computer screen is vital for a clear, comfortable viewing experience. A damaged one can hinder productivity and cause discomfort. If you’re facing this issue, you should find a local screen repair service and try a DIY solution.

Professional repair services offer advantages such as expert knowledge, high-quality service, and extended screen lifespan. When choosing a service, consider their reputation, cost-effectiveness, and the quality of their work.

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