Save your Business

Is your company prepared for the unexpected? Small businesses are vulnerable to failure if some unforeseen event causes disruption of operations or major data loss.


That is why we recommend you to get a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan. We analyze your current business environment, assess all potential risks and provide a detailed plan that will help you sustain operations during all kinds of emergencies and successfully recover afterwards.

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What data challenges are you trying to solve?

Slow Recovery Times?

Do you wait what seems like an age to restore your IT system or individual data?

Continuous Up-time?

Making sure your systems are running is a pivotal aspect of business, any downtime is expensive.

Data Protection?

Protecting your data from cyberattack, accidental loss, or an emergency situation is critical.

Financial Loss?

Cyberattacks can end your business, if you have no backups the fines aren't cheap – One threat can finish you for good.

Our Difference

Granular Restoration

An advanced technology that enables businesses to swiftly perform file, email and image recoveries.

Disaster Recovery

Both IT and business requirements should be covered in your disaster recovery plans to ensure your full business continuity.

Business Continuity

A comprehensive set of business continuity and disaster recovery plans can protect your systems from downtime and data loss.

Status Reporting

Monthly reports, quarterly tests and yearly strategic meetings give our clients a greater view on their backup.


Choosing to defend your data is no longer an option, it’s now essential. Not only is the risk of becoming a victim of online threats on the rise, but so is the burden of legislation and regulatory compliance. Obtain peace of mind and be compliant with our support.

How Downtown Computer Services can help

Cloud Backup

Backup for in-premise & cloud to an unrestrained cloud provider. This allows for business continuity and much greater data recovery.

Server Backups

A backup software solution for your on-premise servers to ensure your business systems and data are fully protected and always available.

Peace of Mind

With the knowledge that your private and sensitive data is secure, protected and stored in a variety of different online/offline environments.


With years of experience in the trade, Downtown can ensure your data is protected and secure.


Downtown Computer offers Mac/PC support and repair in Florida. Our experienced IT specialists are at your service: diagnostics, repair, software setup, security issues, hardware sales and more.