Managed IT Services in Sunrise, Florida

We at Downtown Computers have been providing specialised IT support to businesses across Sunrise and corporate Florida since 1995. We began our journey as “break/fix” specialists, but over time we have grown our skills and now offer a wide range of services specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium business spanning Sunrise and Florida, US.


We offer a single place for all of your IT needs, our team of specialists will take the time to get to know you, your team, and your company ethos to ensure that we are prepared with the right solution for you when a tech issue does arise. 

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What technological challenges do face daily?

Half-hearted IT support

Boost value for money by achieving a good quality, fast response from your IT partner.

data Protection

Compliance challenges can be an issue, alongside the need for your systems to be defended from cyber threats at all times.

Remote Working

The modern way of working is remote, but implementation is only half the battle, you must ensure your team are connected at all times for it to be a success.

Better Communications

Improve methods and the quality of communication between your team, your clients, and arguably most importantly, potential clients.

Budgeted costs

We all want to spend less and get more. You need to use IT as the driver ensuring you have full control of your expenses.

The Downtown Difference


We are experts, we offer proactive monitoring of your servers and workstations to ensure you that we fix problems promptly, remotely, and most importantly deal with any security issues you may have.

Quality Service

We ensure a top quality service all of the time, we be sure to prevent the business disruption that tech problems can cause, allowing our clients to continue operating no matter the circumstances.

Specialist team

The dedicated team of specialists at Downtown take the time to get to know your organization – once this has been done to a high standard.

Tech Focus

The Cloud is the future, we at Downtown ensure that you have the Cloud services that will enable your company to enjoy all of the benefits that come with it.


The defence of your data can no longer be an afterthought, you will face severe sanctions from your regulatory body for being in breach of your compliance obligations if not – as well as potentially being open to cyber attacks. We at Downtown can help you to finally relax, leave your compliance obligations and security measures to us.

What can Downtown IT support do to help you in Sunrise?

IT Support

Based in Florida, US, we offer a full range of managed network services, all of which will help you to be more secure, more efficient, and about all, more successful.

Cyber Security

Our team of professionals will ensure that your digital landscape is a secure one, Viruses, Phishing, Malware, and other online threats will be concerns of the past.

The Cloud

Cloud computing can revolutionise the way you and your team work, it is time to implement it and begin to reap the benefits from what it has to offer.

Business Continuity

At Downtown we will manage and monitor your servers and workstations 24/7, our goal is to eliminate potential issues before they become problems.


Downtown don’t just offer top quality IT support to the Sunrise area, we also provide Mac/ PC support and repair. Our team of specialists are at your service with diagnostics, repair, software setup, security issues, hardware sales and much much more.

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