Your Security Expert

Hidden security breaches can be fatal for your business and its reputation. We eliminate vulnerabilities, detect and remove malware/spyware and provide the necessary level of network security.


Our security services guarantee adequate protection of business networks against viruses, spam, phishing, email attacks, malware, spyware, unauthorized access, sensitive data theft, etc. We also provide HIPAA and ALTA Best Practices security risk assessments for Florida companies.

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Are you aware of the many online threats?


Emails designed to fool you, featuring dodgy links and malware-infested attachments to take you down.


You let them in, they can then see anything and everything you do, whilst also being in complete control of your system.

Data Breach

The act of cybercriminals breaking into your systems, stealing your data and selling it over the dark web.


A common threat, the method of holding your private data against you, whilst threatening you for a ransom payment.

Our Difference

Managed Security

Our expert team performs proactive monitoring of servers and workstations, fixes problems remotely and deals with security issues.

Email Security

With email security enabled, your team can enjoy a clutter-free inbox, with spam and phishing protection enabled.

File Restoration

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can restore your systems to any backup instantly.


We help clients meet industry regulations or government legislation with the right tools and processes.


The development of cloud technologies and services has significantly changed the modern business environment. It is time for your company to take advantage of the great opportunities offered by the cloud, and Downtown Computer is always ready to assist.

How Downtown Computer Services can help


SecurityFirewall protects your network from malware/spyware and unauthorized access. We offer you managed firewall services that include firewall installation, configuration and maintenance.

VPN Access

A virtual private network (VPN) enables your employees to access the office network via the Internet without compromising security. It can be also used to securely connect multiple networks, if you have a chain of offices.

Secure Data Sharing

Do you need a secure way to share confidential files, legal documents, account information and other sensitive data? We offer a software solution that provides a convenient and secure data access.

Security Risk Assessments

Many Florida-based organizations fall under HIPAA or ALTA Best Practices compliance (health care sector, mortgage companies, title companies, financial sector).


Downtown Computer offers Mac/PC support and repair in Florida. Our experienced IT specialists are at your service: diagnostics, repair, software setup, security issues, hardware sales and more.