Managed IT Services in Davie, Florida

We at Downtown computers are an experienced IT support provider based in Florida. Our team of specialists have provided support to businesses in Davie and across Florida since 1995 – so we know what we are doing.


When we took our first steps into the world of IT support we specialised in “break/fix” cases, but we have come a very long way since then, we now offer a service unrivalled by most that is designed solely to meet the needs of small to medium businesses spanning from Davie all across Florida, US.


When the inevitable happens and a tech issue does arise, our tech specialists will cater a solution that best fits the way you and your team work.

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What technology challenges are you currently facing?

Insufficient IT Support

Increase value for money by achieving a fast response from your IT partner that is of good quality and ends with you achieving your goal.

Protect your Sensitive data

Compliance can be a real challenge, this alongside the need to protect the sensitive data of your team and clients can be a real worry.

Modern Working

Modern work is becoming ever more remote, some teams are almost entirely remotely based – implementation isn’t the problem, the concern is ensuring that your team are connected at all times no matter where they are working from.

Improve Communications

Improve the quality of communication between your team, your clients, and most importantly, potential clients.

Handle your costs

Getting more for our money is always good. If the right IT is used you can use it as the method to make this possible, it can help you take control of your expenses and drive savings across your organization.

Downtown Difference

Expert Knowledge

Not to brag but we know what we are doing, our team will proactively monitor your servers and workstations in an attempt to notice and act on any problems as promptly as possible. They will also deal with any security issues you may have at the earliest opportunity.

Quality Service

We provide service of quality every time, we are sure to prevent the business disruption that tech problems can cause if left to its own devices, in the process allowing our clients to continue operating no matter the circumstances.

Specialist Team

Our specialists don’t rush the process, they get to know your organization from the top down to ensure they know what makes you and your team tick. Once this has been done, they work out a comprehensive Business Continuity/Disaster recovery plan specifically designed around the way you do things.

Tech mindset

At Downtown we know the future is in the Cloud, we ensure that once having implemented our Cloud services you get as much possible from them.


Data protection should never be an afterthought, the ramifications of having this approach could be disastrous, both for compliance purposes and because of the risks posed by cyber attacks. At Downtown we take the reigns for you, we will ensure you are compliant and safe from attacks so you can concentrate on the important things.

What can Downtown IT support do to help you in Davie?

IT Support

We are dedicated to our mission, to provide secure, efficient, quality managed network services to all our clients in Davie and across Florida.

Cyber Security

At Downtown we will ensure that you and your team are working as securely as possible. Viruses, Phishing email scams, Malware, and other online threats need not be a concern anymore.

The Cloud

Cloud computing has the power to revolutionise your whole organization, it is time to implement it and begin to reap the benefits from what it has to offer.

Business Continuity

We will manage and monitor your servers and workstations 24/7. This way you need never worry that an issue could have a severe effect on the day to day running of the business.


Downtown offer top quality IT support alongside Mac/ PC support and repairs in the Davie area. Our team of specialists are at your service with diagnostics, repair, software setup, security issues, hardware sales and much much more.

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