10 Awesome Tips, Tricks and Features of Microsoft Office 365

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10 Awesome Tips, Tricks and Features of Microsoft Office 365

10 Awesome Tips, Tricks and Features of Microsoft Office 365


It’s easy use, enjoy, and become a fan of MS 365, especially when you’re aware and utilize some of the best tips and tricks available to take full advantage of this remarkable office software suite.

Microsoft Office 365 is a collection of services offered by Microsoft and includes the same core applications as the traditional version of Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, among others.

MS Office 365 is different from previous versions of Office in that, rather than buying a copy of the Suite outright for a one-time, up-front cost, users will pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service. It is, therefore, a line subscription service offered by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365 is available for students, governmental, and business purposes. It provides a simple and safe experience in a single, affordable platform, facilitating collaboration through a wide range of tools.

MS Office 365 has become indespensible to many people around the world, providing a safe experience with cloud storage. Best of all, administering Microsoft 365 is not as hard as one might think.

This article will cover the nook and corner of how to get started with these amazing sets of tools.

Office 365 Best Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for Office 365:


  1. Use productivity tools on any device

With Office 365, a subscriber can stay focused and in touch from any location. Mobile phones and tablets are often compatible with Office 365, enabling the editing of documents, visuals, watching presentations, etc.

User can stay connected by Teams when out of the office. If the company purchases a Business premium for Office 365, users will also have access to all the available apps.

The organization will enjoy a smooth workflow as employees connect through Office 365.


  1. Stay in sync

Each update is flagged and saved. MS 365 users get the benefit of coordinating and syncing ongoing projects.

When working as a team, different employees have different tasks and their own ideas on how to address the issues. This may lead to miscommunication and confusion around document updates.

However, with MS 365, every file is tagged with the update information and saved, so the staff is fully aware of ongoing editing and project revisions.


  1. Disable old accounts

For security reasons and to facilitate smooth and productive flow, every organization needs proper accounts management.

Management needs to take responsibility for removing or disabling the accounts of past employees, customers, and vendors. This helps safeguard company documents from unauthorized access, among other reasons.

Storing old accounts creates space and network issues and the only solution is to disable old or dormant accounts of all types. Office 365 can seamlessly facilitate these actions.


  1. Keep track of your Subscriptions

Keeping track of your subscription for Office 365 is a necessary part of the management team. If an employee leaves, transfer their office 365 license to the new employee who is taking their position. Assigning this current subscription to new staff will save money.

Remember if you make a mistake and need to reactivate an account, it can be restored within 30 days.


  1. Learn the keyboard shortcuts

There is a list on Microsoft of all the Excel shortcuts, which can provide useful time-savers for users of Excel. Shortcuts can be a huge benefit.

Shortcuts can be useful for employees who have limited mobility and/or are visually impaired as they’re not dependent on the use of a mouse.

With the use of shortcuts, you can become a speed master and immediate fan of Excel.


  1. Recall an email after pressing send

Sometimes, an email can be sent to the wrong person by mistake. It will be a relief to learn that there’s a trick to recall the email to edit or delete it.

To recall an erroneously sent email, open the sent folder and then the email to be recalled. Select the move option and click on the Action button. Choose the Recall This Message.

You can delete the message from the recipient’s inbox as well as make quick changes to replace the message.


  1. Don’t spend money on a template

Due to time and talent constraints, many users use templates to create an impressive presentation. Buying a template can, however, be a huge waste of time and money, and make for less efficient SharePoint experiences.

SharePoint makes it so easy to just create your template as per your criteria. These templates are prebuilt and designed around a particular business need. You can easily customize a presentation that’s just right for you on your SharePoint site.


  1. Add expiry links and passwords to sensitive files

Another tip for Office 365 is adding expiry links and passwords to files. If you want to secure and share confidential information with team members, it’s useful to add an expiry link to your file.

An expiry link allows you to add a date and time to the link that you’re sharing, with the implication that the link will not be available after that specified time.

You can also add a password to your link when sharing a confidential file, so it will be secure for viewing by only specified parties.


  1. Quickly save attachments to OneDrive

You can easily download email attachments directly to OneDrive instead of saving them to your computer’s folder. This feature saves time and makes it easy to know the location for where your files are stored.

You can save any or all documents attached to emails for further use.

A key advantage of OneDrive is that you’ll also be able to send these documents forward as Cloud attachments.


  1. Use connectors to stay up to date

Connectors keep you updated on your frequently-used programs that are not integrated. They will stream the information to you as per the recent update. You just have to add the connectors from the list in your channel.

This is one of the user-friendly tricks of Office 365. You can add an Office roadmap, create a Twitter list, follow non-Microsoft blogs, and many other options too.


In Conclusion

MS 365 Suite can greatly help increase efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness in how you work, as well as improve the quality of your work.

It’s a popular solution worldwide for any office, with a wide variety of apps and useful daily-based office essentials, coupled with intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of this software suite, especially when you’re aware and utilize some of the tricks and tips available to take full advantage of its capabilities.


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