How good is your IT Support? – Part Two

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How good is your IT Support? – Part Two

In the previous article we explored the modern world of work, we concluded that it has been revolutionized by technology and that said technology has made our lives both at home and work easier than ever before. We stressed that just buying tech isn’t good enough, it is essential that the tech you choose to use is strategically aligned to the way you and your team work, and that the support around the tech is of the highest possible standard. We also explored IT support in detail, we explained that IT support isn’t just support anymore, and that the responsibilities of your support provider are much larger than they once were.

In the remainder of this article, we will make a checklist of what you as a business owner need to look out for when navigating potential providers websites.

The checklist

  1. Proactivity not reactivity

Proactivity is essential, if your provider is merely reactive then your business will never progress technologically, you will be stuck with the tools you are using now with little to no help from them to grow. Both in a monitoring sense and in a general evolutionary sense, proactivity can change your organization forever. Most IT providers boast 24/7 monitoring on their website, this DOES NOT equate to proactivity as it can be done remotely – proactivity is a process, the right provider will take time to get to know you, your team, and the way your business works. Take time when looking over websites and the commitments that organizations claim, if you are unsure whether they offer this consultancy as part of their SLA contact them and find out.

  1. Remote support

In the modern world remote support is a big one. Traditionally after having made a call to your provider and having attempted to explain the problem, they would send down a representative in person that will physically try to fix the problem. This is no longer necessary, a lot of providers will use a software solution that allows you to send a request, soon after an expert will fix your problem quickly in a remote session that you are involved in – hopefully allowing you to learn for next time in case the problem occurs again.

  1. Expertise

This one is simple, search for a provider that has expertise in your industry sector. How can someone advise you on what to implement in your organization to aid in it being successful, if they don’t know what makes a business successful in your sector?

  1. Strategic Partnership

When navigating potential providers websites look out for the mention of a strategic partnership, some don’t word it like this, some call it a catered approach, some say strategic alignment, and some don’t reference it at all. You must ensure that the provider you choose makes a conscious effort to establish a strategic partnership with you, it is an accumulation of proactivity and expertise that makes this possible. Your provider must come to you with forward thinking IT strategy that drives efficiency and keeps you, your team, and ultimately your organization moving forward.

These are just some of the things to look out for on potential providers websites. We hope that this helps you find an IT provider that best suits you. If you think this might all be a bit much to do alone – why not get in contact with us and see what we can offer for you and your team.

The IT support specialists

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