6 Reasons Every Small Business Should Use a Third-Party Backup for Google Workspace

6 Reasons Every Small Business Should Use a Third Party Backup for Google Workspace

6 Reasons Every Small Business Should Use a Third-Party Backup for Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a fantastic tool for productivity and collaboration, but relying solely on it for data protection is risky. In the Terms of Service, Google acknowledges that you are responsible for maintaining, protecting, and backing up your data. That’s why integrating a third-party backup solution is a must.

This article dives into the reasons why third-party backup tools are essential for maximizing the security of your Google Workspace environment. We’ll uncover the hidden risks associated with Google’s limited liability and short data recovery window, as well as the limitations of native data retention capabilities and version history. You’ll also learn how backup tools can protect your business from ransomware attacks and ensure offline data accessibility. Finally, we’ll introduce you to the best third-party backup software and show you how Downtown Computer Services can help you implement a comprehensive backup strategy that keeps your data safe and your business running smoothly. Keep reading!

1. Google’s Limited Liability

In the Terms of Service, Google explicitly states that it does not take responsibility for data loss caused by circumstances beyond its control, such as natural disasters, hardware failures at its data centers, or certain types of cyberattacks.

Google makes it clear that the responsibility for safeguarding your data ultimately rests with you, the user. While they strive to maintain a secure and reliable environment, they cannot guarantee 100% protection against all potential risks. This is a crucial point to understand, as it highlights the need for additional measures to protect your critical business data.

2. Short Data Recovery Window

If data is deleted due to user error, Google gives you only 25 days to recover it. After this period, the data cannot be recovered. If your Google Workspace account has been completely deleted, then there’s no way you can get the data back. This is where third-party backup solutions become essential. They create independent backups of your Google Workspace data, allowing you to recover it even after it’s been deleted from Google’s servers.

3. Limited Native Data Retention Capabilities

While Google Workspace offers Google Vault to help with data retention for legal and regulatory compliance, it’s not a foolproof solution. If data is deleted intentionally (according to retention policies) or accidentally, the recovery window is limited to 30 days. After that, data is permanently purged from Google’s systems. This can create a compliance risk, as businesses might be required to produce specific data for legal or regulatory purposes even a year after it was initially deleted.

As you already know, third-party backup solutions don’t rely on Google’s servers, so you can always recover the data regardless of the retention policies set in Google Vault. Thus, you can meet compliance requirements and access critical data whenever needed, even years later.

4. Version History Limitations

Even the most cautious employees can make mistakes, leading to accidental deletions or file modifications. While Google Workspace offers version history for some file types, the number of revisions and retention periods vary. For example, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides retain up to 100 revisions for 30 days. However, other file types have more limited version history, and PDFs or images don’t have version history at all. Third-party backup software can provide more comprehensive version history with longer retention periods, allowing you to recover any previous version of a file, regardless of its type.

5. No Offline Data Accessibility

Google Workspace is a cloud-based SaaS thing that offers convenience and accessibility. However, relying solely on the cloud is risky because one day, you might experience internet outages or disruptions to Google’s services. Third-party backup tools allow you to create local copies of your data on your own servers or devices. This ensures that you have access to your critical business information even when you’re offline or experiencing connectivity issues.

6. No Native Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks are a growing threat to businesses of all sizes. These attacks can encrypt your files, even those stored in Google Workspace, making them inaccessible unless you pay a ransom. In November 2023, security researchers demonstrated how hackers could potentially exploit vulnerabilities in Google Workspace, highlighting the importance of having a robust backup strategy. A third-party backup solution acts as a safety net, allowing you to restore your data from a clean backup and avoid paying the ransom.

Don’t Risk It – Get Expert Backup Help Today

At Downtown Computer Services, we are dedicated to helping small businesses secure their critical data with comprehensive backup and recovery solutions. We don’t just install software and leave you to figure it out. Our managed backup services provide ongoing monitoring, testing, and support to ensure your backups are always up-to-date and reliable. We’ll collaborate with you to customize a backup strategy that aligns with your specific needs and budget, giving you the confidence and peace of mind knowing your data is safe. Call us today at (954) 524 9002, and we will help you create a data backup strategy that you can trust.

The Best Backup Solutions for Your Peace of Mind

We’ve helped countless small businesses safeguard their critical data. Our experience has led us to favor two exceptional solutions: Cove Data Protection by N-able and x360Cloud by Axcient.

Cove Data Protection by N-able

Cove Data Protection is a top choice for small businesses seeking a streamlined yet comprehensive backup solution for their Google Workspace environment. Cove can copy whatever data you need — Gmail, Drive files, Contacts, and Calendars. While prioritizing cloud storage for its accessibility and scalability, Cove also allows you to create local copies of your cloud backups, storing them on your own hardware for added protection and peace of mind. This means that even if your internet connection is down, you’ll still have access to your valuable data. Cove boasts unlimited cloud storage, fast and flexible recovery options, advanced security measures like encryption, and proactive monitoring.

The Axcient x360 Platform

The Axcient x360 Platform is a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution that goes beyond simple backup to ensure your business can quickly rebound from any disruption. It offers a multi-layered approach to data protection, combining backup, recovery, and cybersecurity features to safeguard your entire IT environment.

With x360Recover, your physical and virtual servers are protected with direct-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery, ensuring minimal downtime in case of hardware failures, natural disasters, or cyberattacks. x360Cloud safeguards your Google Workspace data, protecting your emails, documents, and other critical information from accidental deletion, corruption, or malicious attacks.

For seamless collaboration and file access, x360Sync enables file sync and share capabilities, while x360Protect delivers robust endpoint protection for your workstations and laptops, shielding them from malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. And, of course, The Axcient x360 Platform allows you to store backups locally on a designated device, providing faster recovery times and an extra layer of data protection.


As we’ve explored, while Google Workspace is an invaluable tool for businesses, it’s not infallible when it comes to data protection. Google’s limited liability, short recovery window, and finite data retention policies highlight the need for additional safeguards. Moreover, the limitations of Google Workspace’s version history and its reliance on cloud connectivity further emphasize the importance of a robust backup strategy.

Best third-party backup software, like Cove Data Protection by N-able and the Axcient x360 Platform, offers comprehensive protection, exceeding the capabilities of Google’s native tools. They provide extended or unlimited data retention, granular point-in-time recovery, offline access to data, and enhanced protection against ransomware and other threats. By implementing third-party backup software, you’re safeguarding your critical business data and ensuring business continuity and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

So, don’t wait for disaster to strike! Think about data backup beforehand! With Downtown Computer Services, you can implement a comprehensive backup strategy today! Call us at (954) 524 9002 right now!

Key Takeaways 

  1. Google’s limited liability and short data recovery window underscore the need for third-party backups to safeguard your Google Workspace data. 
  2. Third-party backup solutions offer extended data retention, comprehensive version history, and offline access, overcoming limitations of Google’s native tools. 
  3. Downtown Computer Services can help you implement third-party backup software like Cove or Axcient x360 to protect your critical data and ensure business continuity. 

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