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Most businesses use the conventional break-fix model: first, some part of your company's IT infrastructure fails, and after that support engineers come and fix it. However, such model has a grave disadvantage: business disruption and downtime-related losses. What about switching to a more beneficial model offered by Downtown Computer to SMBs in Florida? We constantly monitor your servers and workstations, proactively settling issues (before they cause major failures) and significantly reducing downtime. Our flexible support plans can be tailored to meet your company's specific needs.

A monthly IT support agreement with Downtown Computer guarantees:

  • round-the-clock monitoring of your servers and workstations;
  • proactively resolved IT issues;
  • reduced downtime and related losses;
  • customized services that fit your current needs;
  • predictability of IT support bills;
  • high qualification of support staff;
  • peace of mind.

Proactive approach to maintenance is much more effective than break-fix IT support. Constant monitoring allows to detect an issue early, before it causes serious trouble and brings your system down. Our monitoring solution instantly sends alerts to support engineers who address the issue immediately. As a result, the total downtime of your network dramatically decreases.

It is also important that our all-inclusive flat-rate services make your support costs predictable. You can be sure that there will be no extra bills in addition to the monthly fee!

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Outsource IT Services

What are the advantages of outsourcing your Business IT Services?

1. Cost - you can expect roughly 60% savings.

2. Streamlined services - you never have to worry about issues being resolved quickly and efficiently.

​3. Unmatched Expertise - skill and experience cannot be replaced. Your business is at stake.