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HIPAA or ALTA Best Practices Security Risk Assessments

Many Florida-based organizations fall under HIPAA or ALTA Best Practices compliance (health care sector, mortgage companies, title companies, financial sector). If you must perform the required risk assessments but do not have enough personnel, resources or expertise, we are at your service. Contact Downtown Computer and get a comprehensive risk assessment report with proper documentation.

What kinds of companies are required to conduct risk assessments according to US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)? The list of “Covered Entities” includes hospitals, urgent care clinics, dental offices, pharmacies, nursing homes, diagnostic labs ans so on. But in addition to this list there are “HIPAA Business Associates”, who have access to HIPAA protected health information and are therefore subject to HIPAA regulations (IT service providers, document storage companies, accountants, attorneys, data centers, cloud vendors, online backup companies, insurance agents, EMR companies, etc.). If your company has one or more Covered Entities as a customer, then it falls under HIPAA compliance, as well as all your sub-contractors.

HIPAA Risk Assessment by Downtown Computer includes:

  • Detection of all threats and vulnerabilities of your company;
  • Identification of controls and protections in place, as well as any gaps;
  • Calculation of risk ratings and corresponding recommendations;
  • Prioritizing of controls necessary to protect highly sensitive data;
  • A properly documented Findings, Observations and Recommendations Report.

We also provide ALTA Best Practices risk assessment for small and medium-sized businesses in Florida.

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