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Firewall Security

Firewall protects your network from malware/spyware and unauthorized access. We offer you managed firewall services that include firewall installation, configuration and maintenance.

A firewall is a protective system between your network and the Internet. A properly configured firewall acts as a barrier that stops all kinds of attacks from the outside: it carefully analyzes incoming/outgoing traffic and filters it according to your configuration. Packets that come from suspicious, unsecured or unknown locations are blocked. If a firewall is not in place or it is misconfigured, then your network is vulnerable to malicious attacks and related data theft or data loss. An important part of firewall maintenance is testing, which shows whether your firewall is configured to provide optimal protection or not.

Firewalls can be either software or hardware-based (for networks with high security concerns it is recommended to combine both types). Hardware firewalls can be purchased as standalone products, but more often they are integrated into broadband routers. They need little or no configuration, and, most importantly, protect all computers on a local network. Software firewalls are installed on computers and can be customized according to your needs. However, a software firewall protects only the machine it is installed on; that is why each computer of the network must have its own software firewall. Many operating system have built-in software firewalls.

If your employees do not have enough technical expertise to provide and maintain proper firewall protection for your network, contact us and get comprehensive firewall services in Florida.

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Outsource IT Services

What are the advantages of outsourcing your Business IT Services?

1. Cost - you can expect roughly 60% savings.

2. Streamlined services - you never have to worry about issues being resolved quickly and efficiently.

​3. Unmatched Expertise - skill and experience cannot be replaced. Your business is at stake.