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​Backup Solutions Fort Lauderdale

Cloud Managed Solutions Fort Lauderdale

​Cloud Backup Fort Lauderdale

The development of cloud technologies and services has significantly changed the modern business environment. It is time for your company to take advantage of great opportunities offered by the cloud, and Downtown Computer is always ready to assist.

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Hosted Exchange, Office 365

Enjoy the numerous advantages of the cloud: you get full functionality (email, calendar, contacts, tasks and other business productivity tools) for a fraction of running it yourself. There is no need to invest in expensive physical infrastructure, buy licenses and hire your own IT person for installation and maintenance. You just pay an affordable monthly fee!

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Offsite Data Backup, Cloud Backup

Downtown Computer performs offsite data backup for small and medium-size enterprises in Florida. The most important benefit of offsite backup is fast disaster recovery: it prevents loss of critical business data if a natural or industrial disaster affects your office. Besides, offsite backup is used by geographically dispersed companies to centralize backup and recovery, and some businesses choose it to use IT resources more effectively and reduce the total backup costs.

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IT Support Fort Lauderdale

Outsource IT Services

What are the advantages of outsourcing your Business IT Services?

1. Cost - you can expect roughly 60% savings.

2. Streamlined services - you never have to worry about issues being resolved quickly and efficiently.

​3. Unmatched Expertise - skill and experience cannot be replaced. Your business is at stake.

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Data Sync Services

In many fields real-time data synchronization is an advantage or even a must, if you want to achieve any significant success. We offer top quality data sync services to Florida-based SMBs. Contact us at Downtown Computer and our experienced engineers will organize this complex process for your company

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