IT Services in Fort Lauderdale

Managed IT services for small business 

As the world becomes more and more connected,  so is the demand for professional managed IT services for small business. Aligning yourself with a reputable, reliable and trusted IT partner is crucial to the operations and security of any small to medium business. This article will help you understand the primary components of IT services in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.


Network Solutions

Network Security

Look at network security as the "Bouncer" who makes sure everyone is playing by the rules. The "Bouncer" is the behind the scenes work done by your IT professional that ensures your network and data remain usable and in tact. Just the same as a bouncer denies entry to less-than-appealing customers, your network security works much the same way as it monitors what is entering and removes any threats. This is vital to the inegrity of your data and network. 

Business Firewall

Ok, now that we have our Bouncer in place, he needs a set "Club Rules" for entry. For example, his club may require button-up shirts, no sandles, etc. Just as nightclubs have entry rules, your buiness firewall creates entry rules of its own. Business firewalls use a defined set of rules that either allow or deny entry in to the network. Keep riff raff out of ANY location is always a good idea, especially in small to medium sized businesses. Network and data disruptions can lead to slumps in buiness or the inability to do business at all!

VPN Network

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network . A VPN creates a safe connection to the internet by encrypting data, utilizing authentication, implementing password protection and other unique identification tactics. VPN's create added security to the connected networks and ensures security on networks where it is lacking.

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