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Data Backup

Backup Solutions Fort Lauderdale

Automatic Onsite and Offsite Backup

Life is unpredictable. Your critical business data can be accidentally lost or damaged beyond repair due to human factor, software corruption, hardware failure or natural disasters. The same goes for your customers' data stored on your servers. Remember that the true cost of data loss is your company's damaged reputation.

Backup Storage

Our automatic onsite and offsite backup service keeps important data safe and easily accessible in case of need. Downtown Computer uses the most advanced backup technology, which allows to recover your system at any point.

How it works: each customer is provided a virtual standby server that can quickly replace the live server in case of need. Our backup solution constantly tracks all system changes and creates small backups; after completion of each backup the virtual standby server is updated via a restore. It is a continuous, fully automatic process that enables you to get your company network back up and running, without any significant business disruption. By the way, the backups and restores are made with minimal impact on system performance.

Key benefits:

  • Advanced tracking of system events;
  • Continual process of automatic backups and updates;
  • Prevention of critical data loss;
  • Quick restoration of device configurations;
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery;
  • Minimal use of system resources;
  • Centralized monitoring and flexible support.


IT Support Fort Lauderdale

Outsource IT Services

What are the advantages of outsourcing your Business IT Services?

1. Cost - you can expect roughly 60% savings.

2. Streamlined services - you never have to worry about issues being resolved quickly and efficiently.

​3. Unmatched Expertise - skill and experience cannot be replaced. Your business is at stake.