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Automatic Security Updates

New software vulnerabilities are detected and fixed via patches or updates every day, that is why it is necessary to keep your software up-to-date. It would be really frustrating if your network were compromised due to a vulnerability that had already been publicly disclosed and fixed. Remember that outdated software is full of security breaches, and security is a crucial thing when it comes to business networks.

Downtown Computer offers remote patch management services in Florida and beyond. We take care of your servers and workstations, ensuring that all the latest security patches are applied, and all essential software is updated. We use an advanced patch management tool that scans your network for vulnerabilities and automatically installs all patches and updates for the following software:

  • Windows and other Microsoft products (Office, Exchange, etc.);
  • 5 most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera);
  • Most commonly used Adobe and Oracle Java;
  • Software by Apple, Mozilla, Zip, etc.;
  • Instant messengers (Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc.).

Patches are automatically approved and scheduled for installation, but it is also possible to customize installation according to the needs of your company.

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Outsource IT Services

What are the advantages of outsourcing your Business IT Services?

1. Cost - you can expect roughly 60% savings.

2. Streamlined services - you never have to worry about issues being resolved quickly and efficiently.

​3. Unmatched Expertise - skill and experience cannot be replaced. Your business is at stake.